Performers: Іryna Teneta    Оleh Melnitchouk


 Over time musical style changes and so does the direction that clients ask us to take our music, We are constantly striving to improve and modernize our composition and song making. Smaller talented bands are now starting to replace grand orchestra performers by skillfully recreating the same musical grandiosity with their talent.

Families forever going through transition, any given calendar year brings forth new and exciting events such as weddings, births and baptisms as well as old traditions such as anniversaries and birthdays. Our role is to help families celebrate these events. We also provide entertainment for large corporate events and charity work by bringing in the spice of music.

The duo "Mosaic" - Iryne Teneta and Oleh Melnitchouk have vast and immense amount of musical  experience with a original repertoire which is a fusion of both traditional and modern music.





Iryna is a typical Ukrainian woman from Halychyna, with a  professional lyrical voice which was perfected at Lviv University Academy of Music and rehearsed many times at the various performances she starred in, in Ukraine where she touched the hearts of many audience members frequently. She also plays the keyboard!


Oleh who is the creativity and charisma behind the band often will MC and lead performances to bring laughter and warmness to a room. It is of note that Oleh and Iryna collaborate and work closely with composers, songwriters and well known performers in Ukraine. Your guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the latest music from their homeland. In our repertoire we have a collection of Lemko folk songs as well as our own songs. This website contains a lot of our music. Feel free to enjoy them.





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