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Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic August - September 2018 Edition

If you are receiving this letter then this indicates that you have been a fan or a customer of Ukrainian Music and our band Mosaic. We are launching a new program where every three months we will be sending updates with our news, new songs, photographs and future performances.

We were very honoured to be invited to perform at the 33 th Traditional Lemko Vatra in Canada. We performed at the zabava on Sunday August 4 th. The Zabava was very lively and had many younger guests which enjoyed our contemporary and more traditional songs. Unfortunately we do not have a full video from this event but we do have a YOUTUBE SHORT FILM CLIP which you can see >>>HERE ...

On this zabava we performed with our friend Serhij Olynyk, who is an amazingly talent violinist and percussion player. We were honoured to be working with such a wonderful performer.

On August 25th our band will be performing at the Family Celebration Party in Oakville, Ontario. With the fall and winter on the way our schedule is filling up quickly! Call us soon to book your next event with us!

Mosaic's performances are a powerful, energetic and vivid.

Please feel free to contact Oleh for future performances by phone at 905 849 0323 or


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09.08.2018.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic May - July  2018 Edition

Mosaic had performances almost every weekend over the last two months these included both private functions and official concerts and zabavas. On May 24, 2018, Mosaic had a fantastic performance at the "Vyshyvanka Zabava" at St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Oakville.  

14.03.2017.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic January - February  2017 Edition

" We are hoping you received our New Years well wishes. We hope your new year has begun as successfully as it has for our band. January is regarded as the month of celebrations in the Ukrainian community. This year we performed at "Malanka Zabavas"on January 14, 21 and 28... . [More...]

08.01.2017.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic October -  December  2016 Edition

" We were honoured to at a destination wedding in Curacao, Netherland Antilles. This is a beautiful island in the Caribbean. We performed at the very grand and luxurious wedding of Veronika and Adam Schubert. Aside from the wedding we had a busy time creating a cultural program and we had a short concert for the guests and even had an interesting encounter with local street artists. ."  [More...]

06.10.2016.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic July - September 2016 Edition

" During this time, we had a very busy schedule. We had a few private performances as well as many charity performances supporting Ukrainian Independence. Recently, we performed at a private event for Olga and Roman; this was a beautiful young couple who are passionate about Ukraine and old Ukrainian traditions.."  [More...]

11.06.2016.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic April - June 2016 Edition

" The spring is an excellent time for work and we did indeed work hard on our new compilation of music which contains our best and most creative songs which we wrote over the last new months. Our new album will include new original traditional folk songs as well as our own music work."  [More...]

12.03.2016.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic January - March 2016 Edition

"Mosaic has begun 2016 with a series of Ukrainian New Years Malankas. We had a special treat this year, we were chosen as the band to perform some charity work in Syracuse for their Malanka".  [More...]

09.01.2016.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic September - December 2015 Edition

"We performed with many stars of the Ukrainian stage culture, such as Vasyl Popaduk and the Dance group Ukraine from Toronto. We took part in the concert and performed at the dance party which was a huge success.  This is some photos from event."  [More...]

04.09.2015.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic July 2015 - August  2015 Edition

"Really enjoyed your performance at the wedding of Oleg Yarmola and Oksana Drugala  this past weekend. Your versatility and strong performances were very enjoyable and helped create an amazingly festive event.
On your website, I suggest you add another tab for testimonials such as mine. First, it would show appreciation for your fine performances all over North America, and secondly it will help in marketing the group."  [More...]

02.07.2015.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic April 2015 - June 2015 Edition

"A few days later we performed at the 15th annual Lemko Vatra. Our performance received spectacular reviews and we appreciated the warmth and energy of the festival attendees. We were honoured to be performing at the same event as many very famous artists from Ukraine such as Sophia Fedyna, Pavlo Doskoch, Ukrainian Band "Vatra" from Lviv. We created a musical alliance with the Ukrainian band "Anna - Maria"  which will give us the opportunity to learn from each other."  [More...]

18.02.2015.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic November 2014 - January 2015 Edition

"In December before New Year’s we had a few corporate Christmas parties in the Greater Toronto Area.  Early January is very busy for us because we are involved in many Malankas celebrating the Ukrainian New year. January 10th we performed in Syracuse, NY at a traditional Ukrainian party. The Malanka was fun and special in the sense that it was not only attended by Ukrainians but many other people as well. You can view two pictures from the performance below."  [More...]


09.10.2014.  Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic July - September 2014 Edition

"On August 2rd 2014 Mosaic had a fantastic performance at the Lemko Vatra Canada, we were part of the concert as well as a large Zabava. We were a part of a few concerts for the Ukrainian Independence Day which was celebrated at the end of August. Mosaic finished compiling their new album "Vid tvoih synih ochei shaleniju". The album has been a great success."   [More...]

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