Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic November 2014 – January 2015 Edition


Dear Friends

 If you are receiving this letter then this indicates that you have been a fan or a customer of Ukrainian Music and our band Mosaic. We are launching a new program where every three months we will be sending updates with our news, new songs, photographs and future performances.

   Mosaic had performances almost every weekend over this period of time included both private functions and official concerts and festivals.

In November we had the privilege of performing a dinner and dance paying tribute to "The Ukrainian Person of the Year” It was a very exciting celebration and we were honoured to be a part of such a special occasion. Below are three pictures from the party:



In December before New Year’s we had a few corporate Christmas parties in the Greater Toronto Area.  Early January is very busy for us because we are involved in many Malankas celebrating the Ukrainian New year. January 10th we performed at a traditional Ukrainian party. The Malanka was fun and special in the sense that it was not only attended by Ukrainians but many other people as well. You can view two pictures from the performance below



January 24th we performed at a large Malanka in Kitchener, Ont. The Ukrainian community is very large there because of the many Ukrainian University students attending both University of Waterloo and Laurier. We had a great turnout at our Malanka. We included many modern songs which are popular among the students. You may view two short videos from this event here:

 As always, the most popular song of the Ukrainian young at a Malanka is the “Kolomeyka” this dance was practiced for almost 25 minutes continuously! See the very vibrant photos below:




Mosaic supports the Ukrainian Military Force and we pray for Peace in Ukraine. There have been some fundraising efforts at our Malanka’s for the peace operations in East Ukraine. 

 In the meanwhile we were working on our new album which will be released sometime this year. We are happy to allow you to listen to one of the songs from this upcoming album. This song is dedicated to all our couple friends for Valentine's Day! The song is called "One night of happiness" and you can hear it >>> here:

For our Ukrainian Ontario Student friends who have been asking over the years - we would like to dedicate these songs to you as a gift from us....  You might know these songs very well..:))))

"Ja I Sara"    Listen     >>> here

"Susidy"        Listen     >>> here

 We would like to wish you a Happy New Year’s and would love to meet you at our next performance!

 Please feel free to contact Oleh for future performances by phone at  905 849 0323    or e-mail

 Thank you

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