Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic August 2018 - September 2018   Edition



Dear Friends,

If you are receiving this letter then this indicates that you have been a fan or a customer

of Ukrainian Music and our band Mosaic. We are launching a new program where every

three months we will be sending updates with our news, new songs, photographs and

future performances. 

Our main performance was  the 33th Lemko Vatra at Durham, Ontario, Canada, August 4, 2018.

Below some photos from concert.



We would like to Thanks one of the guest, who filmed a festive moment at the Lemko Zabava.




With the spring and summer on the way our schedule is filling up quickly!  Call us soon to book your next event with us!

Mosaic's performances are powerful, energetic and vivid.

Please feel free to contact Oleh for future performances by phone at 905 849 0323 or e-mail

Thank you

Mosaic’s Oleh and Iryna  


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