Newsletter from the Ukrainian music band Mosaic August 2019 - November 2019   Edition



Dear Friends,

During this time, we had a very busy schedule. We had a few private performances as well as many charity performances supporting Ukrainian Communities. Mosaic has had a very busy schedule over the past few weeks. Performances at Ukrainian festivals, holiday concerts, weddings and family celebrations were in the schedule of musicians at this time. One of the main events of August was participation in the 34 Lemko Vatrа Traditional Culture Festival, which was held from August 3 to 5, 2019, in Durham, Ontario, Canada. Oleg and Irina performed in a concert with folk Lemko songs, which was a great success. In the photo below, one of the moments of the concert...

As always, after the concert there was Zabava with the participation of Mosaic.

Numerous Vatra guests enjoyed the new songs of their favorite artists. Zabava was dynamic with colorful lighting effects and great sound, lasted long hours and ended when the sun was already rising...

In the photo below, one of the performance moment...

Mosaic has performed a lot at family parties in the cities Canada and USA. Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc., are always fun if you have music with Mosaic.

On August 31, 2019, Mosaic participated in the wedding ceremony and entertained the guests at the wedding of Denys and Miroslava in Toronto. The wedding was great success, there were many young people, as well as English-speaking guests, who appreciated the repertoire of Mosaic, in which there are many songs in different languages of the world. In the photo below, Mosaic on the Banquet stage…

The next performance of Mosaic was participation in the Ukrainian festival at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church on September 7, 2019. The day was rainy and the performance was one big concert all day. Festival guests had the opportunity to enjoy beautiful Ukrainian melodies and songs.

In the photo below, Iryna and Oleh on the Festival short break…

A great point for Mosaic's performance at Ukrainian festivals at this time was two days of great concerts at 17th Ukrainian Festival in St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, Silver Spring, MD, Sept. 14, 15, 2019.

Mosaic performed on the same stage with the famous Ukrainian artists, who are known in Ukrainian communities throughout the world.


In addition to the performance, Oleh  did a work as a sound engineer and had many thanks from all participants for the excellent job.

In the photo below, Oleg and Iryna before the concert together with the Merited Artist of Ukraine Ihor Bogdan.


On September 22, 2019 Mosaic participated in the banquet on the occasion of the birthday of a wonderful Ukrainian patriot, composer, philanthropist, successful businessman Taras Hurmak. It was a very warm meeting between his family and friends where there was a lot of music, songs and a lot of fun for the guests, who will remember this day.

In the photo below, the moment of the performance...
















Mosaic from the bottom of our heart thanks all the Dear Guests for supporting our work, all those who were with us at that time, who helped us in word and deed, who gave us invaluable communication experience, whom we always remember with warmth and love ...

 Special thanks to: V. Rev. Volodymyr Steliac - Pastor, PaniMatka Marta, Rev. Mykola Drofych - Pastor, Zenon Deputat, Andrew Rotko, Paul Czupak, Denys and Myroslava Vashchyshyn, Anna Yaremchuk, Anya Dydyk-Petrenko, Marc Sendich, Ihor Bohdan, Taras Hurmak, Tanja Hurmak ...

Especially for the Ukrainian festival in Washington, Oleg wrote the song "Festivalna" which was warmly received by all the guests and became the hallmark of this event. We would like to present this song as a gift to you from Mosaic.

You can listen  >>> HERE

With the autumn and winter on the way our schedule is filling up quickly!

Call us soon to book your next event with us!   Mosaic’s performances are a powerful, energetic and vivid. Please feel free to contact Oleh for future performances  by phone at 905 849 0323 or


Thank you.

Mosaic’s Oleh and Iryna  


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